Workshop: On pre-production

Posted October 11, 2016.

Daniel from EFA here, hope y’all are doing well!

This Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 06:30 PM, in 304 Student Center — we’re hosting a workshop all about pre-production, led by Allie Romero.

Allie is a veteran of E-TV, the student-led cable channel at EMU, and she joined some of our members just last week to compete in the Ypsi 24 Hour Film Shootout. Together, we’ll introduce all the glorious aspects of pre-production and the process of going from script to shooting.

That’s all folks. Hope to see you there!

Via The Good Films

Stay cozy,

Daniel Ignacio

Secretary, Eagle Filmmakers Association

On behalf of Nick Gikas (President), Dred Geib (Vice President), Sarah Poteracki (Treasurer), and Dave Anderson (Member at Large).