“30 Second Guarantee”

There’s no stopping this cutthroat delivery man, when delivery is guaranteed in 30 seconds or less. Written, shot, and edited in four hours at our inaugural 2017 meeting, entered for competition at Film Fights (placed in the Heavyweight category).

Writers: Madison Maryja Wheeler, Andi Freedland, Seth Ferzo, David Pierce Anderson, Jordan Causey, Alejandro Rodriguez, Brayden Grant

Director: Andi Freedland

Cast: Neil Tortonesi (as Runner), Miles Schwarz (as Boss), David Pierce Anderson (as Guy on Crutches)

Cinematographer: Madison Maryja Wheeler

Cinematography coach: Heather Moody

Assistant director: Seth Ferzo

Sound: Talona Johnson

Sound coach: Daniel Ignacio

Editing: Patrick Rupp, Amy Yik, Cameron Schaloff, Courtnie Coakley, Erica Ward, Lauren Smith, Matthew Strickland, Samantha Schmidt, Brayden Grant, Matthew Sweebe, Nathan Eroh

Editing coach: Sarah Poteracki

Production assistants: Daniel Sasala, Davis Dickerson, Brian Vincent

Music: Kai Engel